Analytics, Reporting & KPIs

  • We work with you to design the Key Performance Indicators that you can lead you to achieveing your company goals 
  • For example, How many marketing leads do I need to achieve an $100k sales per month? 
  • You get reports with the accuracy and insightfulness that is commensurate with ramping your company up

Sales Commissions Design and Management

  • Sales commission can be a major headache and revenue throttle
  • We get you commissions plans and customized commissions management systems 
  • Incentivize the right sales behaviors | Model out scenarios for minimum, target and excellence performance by sales peopel | Transparent calculations and payments leads to happy sales teams

Process Automation

  • Google Sheets & Excel high-level expertise in building tools for to eliminate organization process pain points
  • Highly customized automation for your unique & critical business processes, such as invoicing, quoting, commissions, auditing

Hourly Consultation Packages

  • Sometimes an hourly package engagement makes sense for both of us
  • We have worked on 100’s of projects for 70+ businesses since 2017
  • We consult with CEOs, owners, founders and executives on alleviating business data pain points such as bad or non-existent reporting, commissions plans & inefficient processes

What to expect?

We have worked with John for several years and the quality of his work is excellent and he was able to find solutions for our unique needs. 
He built an invoicing & payroll tool for our transportation business that assisted us in tracking our revenue and driver compensation. He is a whiz with spreadsheets, data and complex calculations. 
Romelia B – Chief Administration Officer